Our Goal

Our main goal is to provide access to the building blocks, tools, and mindset for those who have an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Whether you simply enjoy STEM activities for the fun of it, or are pursuing a career in those fields, our hope is that we can provide a fun and stimulating environment for everyone! To accomplish this, we strive to include these concepts in our offerings whenever possible:

Free-Form Play

Invention is the culmination of creativity! Free-form, open-ended play facilitates creativity, and with our wide offering of creative-minded toys in our Play Space, creation can thrive!

Problem Solving

Whenever possible, we place an emphasis on problem solving with all of our projects and weekly workshops! Problem solving not only increases engagement in the material being learned, it also promotes critical thinking, brainstorming, and collaboration!

Hands-On Fun!

What better way to engage in, and learn about STEM activities than to have fun doing it? Nearly everything we offer is hands-on, and as always, fun is the name of the game!

Josh Jones


Josh is the owner and founder of fungineers. He’s loved STEM activities since he was a kid and never quit! Josh has a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, and has 10 years of experience in testing, designing, and development of baseball bats, lacrosse equipment, and other sporting goods. Outside of fungineers, he is a gamer, musician, and wiffleball enthusiast. Most importantly, Josh is passionate about cultivating the next generation of STEM enthusiasts!